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Top tips for writing a Neighbourhood Plan in 2019

Perhaps you are thinking of writing a Neighbourhood Plan in 2019, or perhaps you are wondering if it is possible to write a Neighbourhood Plan in just one year?

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2019 Neighbourhood Plan Challenge

The neighbourhood plan process is a rigorous one, with a number of steps and stages. Consequently it takes time to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

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Essential reading for Neighbourhood Planners

Through my site neighbourhood-planning.co.uk I have attempted to explain the neighbourhood planning process, and provide regular blog posts on the latest issues affecting neighbourhood planning. But where can you go to find out more?

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Is a Neighbourhood Plan right for you?

Whilst Neighbourhood Plans are a powerful tool for shaping how a community will grow, they are not the only option.

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Attitudes to house building

Neighbourhood Plans must provide a shared vision for their area, with consultation with the local community forming a key part of their preparation.

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