A Guide to the Neighbourhood Plan Process

A summary of the various stages of writing a Neighbourhood Plan.

Governance and Project Management

It can be tricky getting started writing a Neighbourhood Plan. There is a lot to organise and think about before you start writing policies.

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Designating a Neighbourhood Area

A Neighbourhood Area is the geographical boundary within which your Neighbourhood Plan, including all its policies, will apply.

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Designating a Neighbourhood Forum

A designated neighbourhood forum is an organisation or group empowered to lead the neighbourhood planning process in a neighbourhood area where there is no town or parish council.

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Early engagement

Before beginning to write your plan, it is a good idea to carry out some 'early engagement' with local people.

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Planning applications are generally determined in accordance with the Development Plan for the local area. This includes the Local Plan and any Neighbourhood Plans.

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Writing the plan

Before you begin writing the plan, you should have undertaken early engagement with local people and collected evidence on the planning issues you will address through your plan.

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