Mapping & GIS Services

by Ed Dade

Maps are an essential component of Neighbourhood Plans. Most notably, the 'Policies Map' shows the areas where the Neighbourhood Plan's policies apply.


I have 10+ years experience of working with GIS systems and an expert understanding of the plan-making process. I can provide high quality maps to complete your Neighbourhood Plan, planning application, community project or website.

Bring your plans & projects to life

I offer mapping support to neighbourhood planning groups, and can provide bespoke maps for inclusion in the Neighbourhood Plan document.

All maps and mapped data I supply complies with Ordnance Survey's licence terms.

The mapping support I offer is not limited to neighbourhood planning, but can assist groups and organisations involved in a variety of community projects to include in leaflets and guides, or to aid the preparation of planning applications.

Interactive Web Maps & Spatial Databases

Interactive maps are a common addition to modern websites, enabling users to quickly and intuitively understand your mapped data. Online maps greatly enhance the experience of users, encouraging them to engage in your project or participate in public consultation.

For example, I have produced an interactive map for East Cambridgeshire District Council to show designated Neighbourhood Areas, and provide key information about those neighbourhood planning projects.

I can develop spatial databases and use a wide range of spatial tools and custom scripts to analyse spatial data for a wide variety of research purposes. The findings of spatial analysis can be support the formulation of Neighbourhood Plan policies and preparation of technical evidence.

In addition, I can process data files for use with mapping software or for sharing with other organisations.


To discuss your mapping needs, get in touch by email:

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