Tools & Services

Details of professional consultancy services offered, and a collection of free-to-use online tools.


Mapping & GIS Services

Maps are an essential component of Neighbourhood Plans. Most notably, the 'Policies Map' shows the areas where the Neighbourhood Plan's policies apply.

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Professional Support

Ed is a chartered member of the Royal Town Planning Institute, experienced in plan-making with extensive knowledge of neighbourhood planning.

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Online Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

Transform your Neighbourhood Plan into a user-friendly and intuitive online app, and host your Neighbourhood Plan consultation at

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Local Housing Need Database

Local Housing Need (LHN) is the government's standard approach for determining the number of new homes which should be built in each local planning authority area.

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Neighbourhood Plan Finder

Find Neighbourhood Plans using my Planfinder app.

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Interactive Neighbourhood Plan Map

The interactive map shows locations with Neighbourhood Plans in force. This includes plans which have successfully passed referendum, and plans which have been formally made by their respective local planning authority.

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