Isle of Wight UA's Local Housing Need

LA area: Isle of Wight UA | ONS area code: E06000046 | County: N/a

The data shows the Local Housing Need figure for Isle of Wight UA - for the current year and in previous years, using the relevant data at that point in time. The Household change (10 years) column calculates household growth over a 10 year period from the base year. The Adjustment factor has been calculated using the most recently available median affordability ratio figure - at that time.

No cap has been applied to the Local Housing Need figures presented. Figures shown are rounded.

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Isle of Wight UA LHN data

Year Household change
(10 yrs)
Adjustment factor Annual Local Housing Need
2020 5353 1.285 688
2019 5327 1.263 673
2018 5348 1.263 675

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