4. Good Design

by Example Parish Council / Neighbourhood Forum

Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development. It creates better places in which to live and work and helps make development acceptable to communities.


Note: This is an example of an online Neighbourhood Plan consultation for demonstration purposes.

'Example parish' has unique design characteristics which must be conserved for future generations - both in terms of its aesthetic quality and the way the area functions.

Neighbourhood plans play an important role in identifying the special qualities of each area and explaining how this should be reflected in development. The purpose of the following policy is to set out a clear design vision and expectations, giving applicants as much certainty as possible about what is likely to be acceptable. The following design policy reflects the aspirations of the local community.


Policy 2: Design Quality (example)


All new development within 'example parish' must demonstrate a high design standard and fulfil the following design objectives:

  • Positively contribute to the character of an area with regard to the existing built form, materials and architectural style of surrounding buildings;
  • Provide logical and coherent links to and from destinations in order to improve accessibility and permeability in and around;
  • Create uncluttered streets lined by active building frontage or public open space, to provide a vibrant and safe street scene for everyone to enjoy;
  • Be energy and resource efficient in new development proposals and recognise the inherent sustainability in the reuse and refurbishment of existing buildings;
  • Preserve and enhance the character of the area’s heritage assets; and
  • Make efficient use of land.

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Island, Barry Example District Council

July 21, 2020, 7:46 p.m.


It is important that the design of new buildings complements the historic environment.

Stanek, Chris Peterborough City Council

July 22, 2020, 1:10 a.m.


Sounds good

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