Example Neighbourhood Plan Consultation

This is a working example of a 'live' consultation on a Neighbourhood Plan document, for demonstration purposes. Browse this example to see how your plan could be transformed into an interactive web app.

Example Neighbourhood Plan front cover image:

ExampleNPFrontCover (1).png

This 'demo' Neighbourhood Plan illustrates how your plan could be displayed online, and how people can make comments during the defined consultation period.

Various example sections of this fictional Neighbourhood Plan are listed below. Click a section to view its content, make comments and view comments made by others.

Further information is provided in the Help guide. Details of how personal data will be managed securely are provided in the Privacy Policy.

Plan Content


1. Introduction

Thank you for taking the time to read this 'example' Neighbourhood Plan. This is an important document which will help shape the future development of our local area, and meet the area's development needs.

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2. Vision

The vision statement describes how the area will grow and develop through the implementation of this Neighbourhood Plan.

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3. Housing

'Example parish' will grow over the course of the plan period through the construction of new homes to meet local needs, and contribute to meeting the development needs of the wider area.

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4. Good Design

Good design is a key aspect of sustainable development. It creates better places in which to live and work and helps make development acceptable to communities.

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Supporting documents and evidence base

Neighbourhood Plans are accompanied by a number of statutory documents, and often an extensive evidence base.

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