Get 'Consult' for your Neighbourhood Plan

by Ed Dade MRTPI

Find out how you can transform your Neighbourhood Plan into a user-friendly, interactive online experience.

Making online consultation simple and effective

To encourage people more people to take part in Neighbourhood Plan consultations, I have designed the Consult app to be intuitive and simple to use.

Consult provides your community with an engaging, web-based and interactive version of your Neighbourhood Plan which looks great on all devices - including smaller screens, such as mobiles and tablets.


As a chartered Town Planner working closely with neighbourhood planning groups and local authorities, I have a solid understanding of the requirements and expectations of the Neighbourhood Plan consultation process. As a web-developer, I have developed the Consult app to provide an effective, secure and user-friendly way of doing consultation online.

I have created an example of a live Neighbourhood Plan consultation which you can try out - you may even register and add comments if you wish.

What you can expect

If you choose to host your Neighbourhood Plan at Consult , the online process will be principally led by myself, working closely with the parish council / neighbourhood forum. This means you can enjoy the benefits of the Consult app, without needing to be tech savvy.

You can expect the following from Consult:

  • An online version of your Neighbourhood Plan - like this example Neighbourhood Plan consultation. The online plan will be an accurate representation of your Neighbourhood Plan, and can contain text, images, maps, charts and other media. Policies will be clearly shown in 'policy boxes'.

  • A clear, clean domain - your plan will be hosted at '[name-of-your-plan]'. This simple web link is easy to remember and can be published on your own website and other resources and literature. Your plan will be listed alongside others on the main Consult directory.

  • Strict enforcement of consultation start and finish dates - users can only able make comments during formal consultation periods.

  • Hosting of supporting documents - accompanying reports, such as the evidence base, can be made available for download alongside the Neighbourhood Plan.

  • A simple user registration process for those wishing to comment on a plan - to aid transparency and meet the requirements of the Neighbourhood Plan process, anonymous comments will not be permitted. Agents (and other members of the development industry) will be able to register themselves and their clients, thereby ensuring transparency. No log in is required to simply view the plan.

  • An online comment form at each section of the plan - this ensures users add their comments in the right place.

  • Moderation of comments - to avoid the publication of unlawful or offensive material, I will moderate all comments before these are published on the website.

  • Display comments received - after moderation, comments will be shown beneath the content of each plan section. This aids transparency, as people can see the comments others have made.

  • Report of comments received - following close of a consultation, you will receive a report setting out all comments received and the names of the individuals and organisations who made them.

  • Not just for consultation - your plan can be retained online beyond the formal consultation period (with commenting closed) to enable quick and easy reference to the plan's content and comments received. At the examination stage, this will demonstrate that the parish council / neighbourhood forum has taken a positive approach to consultation.

  • Secure and responsible management of personal data - as detailed in the Privacy Policy. Personal data is collected for the purposes of Neighbourhood Plan consultation only. Personal information will be shared with the respective Parish Council, and where necessary, the Neighbourhood Plan examiner. I will never share personal data with third parties.

Additional services

In addition to the services and functionality listed above, I can enhance your Neighbourhood Plan with an interactive online map to clearly show its policies and proposals - similar to this example interactive map.

Where comments are received through other formats, such as letters and emails, I can offer data entry services.

Get in touch

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