Commenting on a Neighbourhood Plan

by Ed Dade MRTPI

How to participate in a Neighbourhood Plan consultation using the Consult app.

The Consult app can show Neighbourhood Plans both during and outside formal consultation periods.

Navigating Neighbourhood Plans

Neighbourhood Plans hosted on the Consult app are listed on the Consult home page [available at: /consult/]. Clicking the name of a Neighbourhood Plan reveals an index page which lists all sections of the plan, such as in this example Neighbourhood Plan.

Consultation status

The 'consultation status' of each Neighbourhood Plan is indicated on the Consult page and on each plan section. The consultation status of each plan is either 'Live', or 'Closed'.

Neighbourhood Plans whose consultation status is live are currently available for consultation. Comments cannot be submitted against a Neighbourhood Plan whose consultation status is closed.

Making a comment

Visitors to the site must sign up and log in before making a comment.

During formal consultation periods ('live' consultation status), comments can be submitted using the comment form which is displayed below the main content of each plan section.

The comment form is not displayed outside of formal consultation periods and where the user is not logged in.

Comment form criteria

Users can make comments using a simple comment form. The comment form invites users to indicate if they are writing in support, or to object. The option can be left blank where the user intends to make a general, or neutral comment.

The 'Your comment' text box allows users to type in their comment.

A supporting file, such as maps, photos or other related document can be uploaded alongside a comment. The supporting file will be shown as a download link alongside the published comment.

Agent's can attribute their comment to a specific client by selecting the name of a client from the 'client' drop-down list. Read more on registering a client.

Publication of comments

After submitting a comment, all comments are moderated before being published online. On submitting a comment, users are notified that their comment is 'awaiting moderation'.

Once approved, comments are published below the corresponding section of the Neighbourhood Plan. Published comments include:

  • The name of the person who submitted the comment, or name of agent and client where submitted by an agent;
  • Date and time the comment was made;
  • Whether the comment is in support or is an objection;
  • The comment text; and
  • Where a supporting file has been submitted, a link to download the file.

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