Housing Delivery Test Checker now available

by Ed Dade

Posted on March 10, 2019

I have created a new tool which shows the 2018 Housing Delivery Test (HDT) results for each local authority area in England.

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**Edit: the Housing Delivery Test 2018 results referred to in this blog post have now been superseded by the 2019 measurement. Hyperlinks now direct to my blog post containing the 2019 Housing Delivery Test measurement for all local authorities**

Try the Housing Delivery Test Checker now

The HDT checker is easy to use (and free), simply choose a local authority area from the drop-down menu to display the HDT results for the area.

In addition to details of the HDT's housing requirement and delivery of new homes, the HDT Checker explains the sanctions which each local authority faces as a result of its HDT measurement result.

Why the Housing Delivery Test matters for Neighbourhood Plans

The purpose of the HDT is to hold local authorities to account over the supply of new housing. Where delivery of new housing is poor, sanctions are imposed on the local planning authority - the most severe of which are that the policies in Local Plans and Neighbourhood Plans can be rendered out-of-date. 

To read more, check out my article How the Housing Delivery Test can affect Neighbourhood Plans.

Click here to try the Housing Delivery Test Checker.

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