Exciting changes to the Plan Finder...

by Ed Dade

Posted on Jan. 25, 2020

I've given the Neighbourhood Plan Finder a major upgrade, transforming it into a fully fledged web app!

Screenshot 2020-01-26 at 21.33.46 (1).png

Loyal readers will know that this site provides the most comprehensive directory of made Neighbourhood Plans on the web. However, the original Plan Finder was a little 'clunky'.

The new and improved Planfinder offers better results and improved functionality, enabling users to perform a simple search to locate made Neighbourhood Plans. For example, with the new Plan Finder you can search for Neighbourhood Plans by:

  • Name or location of Neighbourhood Plan
  • Local Planning Authority e.g. district or borough council
  • County
  • National Park
  • Referendum date, in format "YYYY-MM-DD" e.g. a search for '2019-12' will return plans which passed referendum in December 2019.

This directory of Neighbourhood Plans is intended to raise the profile of Neighbourhood Plans by helping people to find plans more easily. For example, helping developers and agents to locate plans which might affect their proposals. It also serves as a great reference for individuals and groups involved in writing Neighbourhood Plans.

The Planfinder is still free to use and requires no log in. 

The new Planfinder is also far easier for me to maintain, meaning I will be able to provide updates more regularly as the number of plans in force continues to grow. Currently the Planfinder lists more than 950 Neighbourhood Plans!

Whilst a steep learning curve, it was great fun building the Planfinder app. Feedback is welcomed - info@neighbourhood-planning.co.uk or tweet me @np_things.

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