Latest blog posts on neighbourhood planning issues


Why the Housing Requirement for Neighbourhood Areas should be zero

In May 2019, the government updated its planning practice guidance on neighbourhood planning. Notably, a number of new paragraphs relating to local planning authorities' duty to set housing requirements for Neighbourhood Areas were introduced.

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Updated Neighbourhood Plan Finder

Hundreds of Neighbourhood Plans have passed referendum and are being made across the country. It can therefore be tricky to keep track of which areas have plans in force.

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New Interactive Map of Neighbourhood Plans

I have created an Interactive Neighbourhood Plan map showing locations with a Neighbourhood Plan in force.

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Appeal rejected due to loss of open space: East Langton Neighbourhood Plan

A recent appeal for 5 dwellings has been rejected by a Planning Inspector, in part, due to conflict with a Neighbourhood Plan - despite a Local Green Space designation having been removed during examination.

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Is a Neighbourhood Plan right for you?

Whilst Neighbourhood Plans are a powerful tool for shaping how a community will grow, they are not the only option.

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