2019 Neighbourhood Plan Challenge

by Ed Dade

Posted on Jan. 2, 2019

The neighbourhood plan process is a rigorous one, with a number of steps and stages. Consequently it takes time to prepare a neighbourhood plan.

Example Project Plan (1)-1.jpg

In my last post, I shared a few tips on writing a Neighbourhood Plan expediently.

This got me thinking - what would a project plan look like if we wanted to prepare a Neighbourhood Plan by the end of 2019?

Below is an example of a project plan for writing a neighbourhood plan in just one year. I will assume that the necessary governance arrangements are in place, and you are ready to start writing the plan. Click the link to view/download.

Example Project Plan

The project plan shows that it is possible to reach the referendum stage in a year, whilst meeting all the legal requirements. Tasks carried out by the Parish Council (or working group) are shaded blue, with tasks carried out by the district council are shown in green.

The project plan highlights that the latter stages of the process, following submission of the plan to the district council, are particularly lengthy (publication, examination, and referendum). This is, at least in part, due to statutory time periods on the district council for publishing documents and notices, etc.

Achieving such a timetable would likely require a good deal of collaboration with the district council to ensure they are ready to carry out their tasks in a  timely manner.

Happy neighbourhood planning for 2019!

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