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This site and all content has been developed and authored by Edward Dade MSc MRTPI.

Edward Dade MSc MRTPI

Planning Consultant

I hold a master's degree in Town Planning and am a Chartered Member of the Royal Town Planning Institute. I have worked in local government Planning Policy teams since 2008 and have expert knowledge of the plan-making process.

Since the advent of Neighbourhood Planning, I have supported neighbourhood planning groups in the East of England and East Midlands and carried out statutory duties relating to neighbourhood planning on behalf of local authorities.

My main planning specialisms include plan-making, housing delivery, infrastructure provision, viability, and environmental issues such as flooding and water. I am passionate about enabling communities to shape their local area through robust and effective neighbourhood plans.

I have a keen interest in computing and data analysis. I have more than 10 years experience of using various GIS mapping systems to produce maps and undertake spatial analysis. I am proficient in the Python programming language, having studied remotely with MIT, and am confident using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I use these coding skills to develop web applications and interactive map applications.

For reflection and discussion on my web development projects, please visit portfolio.neighbourhood-planning.co.uk.

About this site

The content of this site is principally aimed at groups preparing a Neighbourhood Plan. In addition, my site is intended to be of use to planning professionals, such as planning consultants and local authority planning officers involved in preparing plans, decision-making and carrying out statutory duties related to neighbourhood planning.

This site began life as the 'All Things Neighbourhood Planning' blog. Initially, I created the blog site for two reasons:

First, to expand my knowledge about neighbourhood planning by researching and blogging about some of the more technical issues affecting Neighbourhood Plans in practice. Blogging allowed me to share this knowledge with others.

Second, the blog site provided a platform through which I could combine my interests in neighbourhood planning with my interests in writing computer code. From what began as a simple blog, I next learned web cartography (interactive web maps) and the development of web apps - the first of which being the Plan Finder web app which I released in January 2020.

My next project was to build this new website from scratch, giving me greater control over my own content, and enabling better integration of various web apps which I am currently developing.

Whilst I have dropped the 'All Things Neighbourhood Planning' name, I have retained its content on this new site. I will continue to write blog posts and develop tools and resources to support neighbourhood planning.

Professional services

I offer professional expertise to Town & Parish Councils and Neighbourhood Forums to assist in the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans. Further information is provided on my Professional Support page.

I also offer online consultation services via my Consult app, and mapping and GIS services to support the preparation of Neighbourhood Plans and other projects.

Get in touch

You can tweet me or follow me on Twitter at @np_things, or contact me via email at info@neighbourhood-planning.co.uk

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